Golf Is What You Need!


Brody Gregory, MCJH Sports Editor

I think that even though people may not like golf, they should give it a chance. It is a game of skill that you have to practice to be a good, skilled player. You really need to give it a chance simply for the fun of it. Yes, it may be hard, but if you practice, you might get better and see the joy in the game. It is calming because you get to take your anger out on the ball if you are down.

You may think that I am crazy because I’m talking to you about golf, but I am not the only one who likes the game. So next time you are bored and have nothing to do, you could be hitting golf if you take my advice about it. In other words, try something new no matter what. I know that some people have tried it and don’t like it, but I’m talking about people who have not given it a chance: they are the ones who need to try it out. Most people think golf is a boring useless sport, but they are very wrong.

There are typically 18 holes in a game. It is very rare that you get a hole in one. Normally, you get birdie (hole below par) or a bogey (hole above par). There are many different clubs, too. With first hit you use a driver, and the rest depends on how you hit it. there is the 6-club, 7-club, putter, and more types of clubs. Now, if you do play you need to practice with every club to find your sweet spot on each one. This spot is normally in the middle of your club, but you also need to find how to make the ball go in different directions, which will help you in a game with your friends, or even family.