Volleyball Team vs. Faculty Game


Emma Parrish

On Friday the 13th, 2019, the MCJH volleyball team held their annual match against the faculty and staff. Both Varsity and Jr. Varsity played against teachers and coaches. The whole student body seemed to enjoy the match because everyone was able to enjoy concessions and socialize with their friends while watching their teachers and friends play a competitive volleyball game against each other. A lot of  people got to see their first volleyball game as well.

Below are the team rosters for each game.

Varsity/JV Coach

  • Amy Chandler


  • Joey Wilkerson


  • Addison Woodard                                                                      
  • Karly Tirjan                                                                                 
  • Kaydence Walrond                                                                    
  • Lillia Williams                                                                            
  • Greenley Clayborne                                                                     
  • Journey Beasley
  • Bree Griggs
  • Cadence Davenport                                                                       

 Jr. Varsity

  • Miranda Kirby
  • Laura Bray
  • Abby Berry
  • Mali Clark 
  • Ryleigh Coley 
  • Megan Cothron 
  • Macie Dyer


  • Jamie Kelley 
  • Marty Maxfield 
  • Chelsea Brawner 
  • Ronda Parades 
  • Justin Wezet 
  • Daniel Griggs 
  • Kimberly Fitzgerald

Unfortunately for the Tigerettes, both teams lost to the teachers. Hopefully next year, the volleyball team can get revenge on the staff!