Christmas: Why We Have It


Shyla Goodchild, Staff writer

We celebrate Christmas on December 25 of every year. A lot of kids like Christmas because they get presents. Well, we don’t have Christmas for no reason. Have you ever wondered why we have Christmas? The reason we have Christmas on December 25 is because that is the day Jesus was born.

As you may know, Jesus sacrificed his life for ours. Some people may not believe in him (I am not saying you have to) and like Christmas, the only reason we have it is because of his birth. On December 25, we celebrate Christmas not only because we get presents, wait for Santa to eat the cookies you made him, or even getting to spend time with your family, but it is because that was the day Jesus was born and he gave his life up for our sins. You may wonder why we pray before we eat but that is because we get to eat that food that is on our table because Jesus gave his life up for ours.

Christmas gets its name from the Mass of Christ. A Mass service is where Christmas remembers that Jesus died for us and then came back to life. You may actually think everyone celebrates Christmas, but you are wrong. Some people don’t because of religious reasons. Do you celebrate Christmas? If you celebrate it, do you support people who don’t?