How to Have an Organized Locker


Deysy Matias-Garcia


Step 1: Take out all the junk out of your locker. (Chip bags, bottles, wasted paper etc.)

Step 2: Organize all your binders by class period. For example, the first binder will be your 1st period binder and so on.

Step 3: Put your backpack in your locker sideways so that you can fit more stuff into your locker.

Step 4: Organize your homework folder and other folders so that your locker looks more organized and neat.

Step 5: ( This step is optional) Decorate your locker and be creative with it!


When we interviewed Brook Buckalew, a 6th grader at MCJH, she explained how she keeps her locker organized. She stated, “I like to keep my locker organized so that I can find things in its place.” She says that she organizes her binders by class period. We also asked her how she stays organized with a quick, busy schedule. She replied, ” I double check everyday my organization every day to make sure I bring all my stuff to class.”

Keeping an organizer locker is a great way to start your day and to start each class. Having an organized locker and mindset can be one of the keys to your success in the classroom!