Macon County’s Legend: Jaylnn Gregory

Macon Countys Legend: Jaylnn Gregory

Maggie Kelley, Sports Editor

Jalynn Gregory is one of Macon County basketball’s most memorable athletes. She will be remembered around Macon County for years to come.

Since she had started playing basketball, her father, Nathan Gregory, knew she had a very good potential at the sport. He worked with her all the time, and Jalynn would even work by herself to become the basketball player she is today.

Jalynn started at point guard last year for the MCHS Tigerettes. She was a Ms. Basketball State Finalist. She could handle the basketball very well and had a beautiful jump shot. With the basketball skills she had, she helped take part in taking the Tigerettes all the way to state and eventually win.

After the season was over, Jaylnn went to MTSU to play college basketball. So far, she has played 6 games which is equivalent to playing 201 minutes, averaging 33.5 minutes a game, she has 6 assists, averaging 1 assist a game, 1 block, 6 steals, and 51 points.

Coaches, family, friends, and fans can’t wait to see Jalynn reach her full potential. People say that when she reaches it, everyone will know her name, not for being just some girl out of Macon, but for being better than most anybody ever expected.

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