Boys 7th and 8th Grade Basketball


Brody Gregory, MCJH sports editor

I decided to talk to mister Maxfield about his opinion on the 7th and 8th-grade basketball team.

Q: I want some opinions about the team. Do you think they are good?

A: “I think that JV is doing better than Varsity in my opinion. The Varsity team has some good shooters and a good point, but they need to work on shooting more. I have noticed that JV is putting shots up and making them, which is what Varsity needs to do as well. We could win a lot more but we don’t because we are not making enough shots. something I think we can do to help maybe is to work on their form and their follow-throughs when they shoot.”

So the basketball teams won and lost good games this season. They played good defense and had good shooters, but we need to take more shots. I Have been to some of the games and we lost against Upperman, which was a close game. Now I love going and supporting the teams, and I like getting to watch them win. This was a good season.