How to Deal with a Bully


Shyla Goodchild, Staff writer

Bullying is common in middle school and high school. It happens in other grades as well, just not as often. Also, did you know that 6th graders get bullied more? A lot of people just say to ignore them but for some people, they can’t because of the way the bully is treating them. Other people suggest you stick up for yourself and I agree. Sticking up for yourself can teach you how to be confident.

According to the internet, approximately 46% of students ages 12-18 who were bullied during the school year notified an adult at school about the bullying. If you have ever been bullied the best thing to do is tell a teacher or parent and or guardian. You may also see someone getting bullied. If so, you would want to go tell an adult.

Have you seen someone getting bullied? If so, did you tell an adult, or did you stand up to them? Think about all these questions when seeing someone getting bullied or when someone asks you if you did it.