The HeartBEAT of our School


Hayley Phillips

There are a lot of clubs and after school activities at Macon County Junior High, but the band really is the heartbeat of the school. Because the band members have a lot of talent, it made me curious about what happens behind the scenes here at school during rotation and RTI time. I interviewed Ms. Kile and few of her students to see what their every day class is like.

The band is lead by our wonderful band director, Ms. Kile. She is an awesome leader for our program, and she is qualified because she was also a band member once upon a time.

“I started band as a 6th grader and played winter band, marching band, flute choir, and I was in a singing choir.”

Ms. Kyle explained that the kids take notes during RTI and learn about music history. Currently, they are studying the Baroque era. During rotation classes, students sit in an organized, pattern of seats, arranged the way they would be in a performance and practice playing their instruments.

6th grader Mackenzie Jenkins loves being in band, but she says the hardest part is learning the instruments and having so many inexperienced members. “I don’t’ like how a lot of people have little experience. If we had a little more experience, I think we could work together more.” This can make things challenging, but I say to you, Mackenzie, practice will make everything and everyone much better.

A 7th grader named Calvin Sanchez says that his favorite part about band is the people he is surrounded with. “My favorite part about band would have to be the people. I really like to hang out with my friends and socialize.” 

Will Stevens, a 8th grader, told us there are rewarding and challenging things that happen as a band member, but if he could change one thing, he said, “I would probably change the time I’m in band because it just isn’t convenient with my schedule.” 

Outside the RTI classroom, the MCJH band performs and shows off their talent and hard work at pep rallies, school spirit days, and football and basketball games.

No matter what they’re doing though, band members are serious and passionate about what they’re doing. The band is very hardworking, and we all appreciate their spirit and music. I think I speak for the school when I say thank you for your hard work and commitment!