The Baseball Team


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Baseball on the Chalk Line of the Infield

Brody Gregory, MCJH sports editor

I and everyone else on the baseball team have begun our practicing.  I can already tell we have a good team because we have good pitchers, catchers, and good batters. This is my favorite sport because I just love it, and I am always trying to get better at it. I can hit, pitch, catch, and more but there is always someone out there who is better. I think that even the best improve all the time because they also learn more every time they play. I think that we are at least good. We also may not be the best, but we will have to see when the season starts. As a team, we have all been getting better and better, no matter what we are learning!

So I actually learn more from the older players all the time, and this also helps me get better as a player. I think that my coach has seen me improve and get better as I practice. I am getting better at batting and fielding, but I have to thank the older players and my coach for helping me get better and better. I know that I will not play much this year, but I’m getting ready for when I can play. I will always be at the games even though I may not be playing because I need to support my team. This will also earn me more respect from my coaches. I know you think it may be stupid, but it is not to me. I love this sport, so if you hear me talk about baseball it is because I love it so much!