Dairy Queen + Lafayette Will It Last?


Emerson Hubbard, Current News Editor

Dairy Queen is a chain we know and love, and something has been confirmed! One is coming to Lafayette! Here are the answers to some questions you may have.

When is it coming? It is estimated to be done by March 2022.

When will they open? They may open in March maybe April if weather delays.

Dairy Queen also might as well get safes ready because they are building along a very busy road. Their mission statement is to create positive memories for all who touch DQ. They are also one of the competing businesses for the top spot with most locations around the world.

Dairy Queen, or DQ as I will refer to it as the rest of the story, is a big business with over 6,800 locations across the globe, and most are in the U.S with 4,455 locations in our superpower country! DQ is one of many chains choosing to get small towns. Fun fact, the average person spends over $1,200 on fast food a year, so marketing for the new location might be good, right? Well, maybe both yes and no. The reason for me saying yes is that they make money at a good rate. However, the reason for me saying no as well is because their tactics are not the best. They use TV ads when most kids and adults use smartphones nowadays, and 80.76% of the world own a smartphone. So will Dairy Queen survive, or join the other chains near Walmart? I will respond to this when it is done and if it works.