5th and 6th Basketball


Brody Gregory, MCJH sports editor

I play on the 5th and 6th-grade basketball team, and we have only lost one game so far this season! I think that we can really be successful this year. Some of the stuff we need to work on is keeping our head up and watching the court. We also have had some problems taking wide-open shots because we get anxious. We also need to take our time and look at our open shots.

We have a really good point guard named Owen Labella. He is a great leader for our team. Adian Barlow is also good–especially at reading open shots. He’s tough and can take falls when he goes up. Another thing I admire is that he strives to get better after he has made a mistake. Harry Polston is another key player. He can run the point, and he can also play good defense. Then there are the twins Caleb and Camron, who both can run the point, but they play wing. They can play defense, and both can shoot. I think that we have a really good team this season!