The Disadvantages and Advantages of Cell Phones


Shyla Goodchild, Staff Writer

There are both advantages and disadvantages to having a cell phone. Some people have a cell phone because they wanted it, but these cellular devices can actually help someone in need of help.

Some disadvantages to having a cell phone are things like cheating and not paying attention in class. A lot of kids have cell phones now, and some kids get their phones out during class and are not paying attention to the teacher. Another thing is that having a cell phone can lead to cyberbullying. Being attached to watching your phone or being on your phone more than needed can lead to eye problems. A common problem with cell phones is spam calls and texts.

Now that I have stated the disadvantages, here are some of the advantages to having a cell phone. Having a cell phone can give you the advantage of being able to contact someone from far away. If there is an emergency, cell phone users have the advantage of easily calling 911. Cell phones are also very important for people who take important phone calls for work. They can also allow you to make memories with you and friends thru pictures and videos. These cellular devices can even be used as an alarm clock so that you get up in time. One last thing, you can use cell phones for staying organized for work and organize times for important events!