MCJH Volleyball 8th Grade Night


Kelsey Rich, School Sports Editor

The MCJH Volleyball Team played their last game against Portland and also held their 8th-grade night on the same day which was September 27, 2021. The 8th-grade night is something that the school holds for the students moving up into high school, showing their appreciation for the hard work they have done to come this far.  The 8th graders on the team were Makenzie (Kenzie) Bandy, Mali Clark, Ryliegh Coley, Megan Cothron, and Kelsey Rich.


Kenzie Bandy

Question: Will you miss the original team when you move up into high school?

Answer: I will miss the girls and everything, but hopefully I will get to play with them in high school.


Mali Clark

Question: What got you into liking volleyball?”

Answer: My older cousin played all through junior high school and I loved watching it, so I decided to try out for the junior high team before 6th grade.


Ryleigh Coley 

Question: How well do you like the coach?

Answer: I really like him as a coach. He helped me grow as a player and learn the game of volleyball.


Megan Cothron

Question: What will you miss most about the junior high volleyball team?

Answer: The trips to the games were pretty fun especially with another teammate traveling with me.


Kelsey Rich

Question: Are you ready to play in high school?

Answer: I am ready to play in high school. I miss playing with the team I used to play with, and I will get the experience of playing with older and experienced players.