Fundraiser Kick Off

Fundraiser Kick Off

Jadyn Presley , School News Editor

This week we have started our annual fundraiser at Macon County Jr. High. This benefit is held on October 19, 2021, and will end on November 4, 2021.  Every student will get an opportunity to attend for the sale of getting an award for selling. Parents and community members may shop to sell more ideas for our school. On the online order you will search up and then the code will be MACON. There will be many varieties of Christmas wraps that you can pick from. This year’s sale you will need to know a lot of things and down below I will be telling you the things you will need to do.

•Sell 1 item to be able to go get candy from the candy store.

•Sell 6 items to go to a special DJ party where there will be a wheel where you can win money and all of the above as well.

•Sell 12 items you get to play the wheel of fortune and all of the above. At this point, if you sell 18 items you will get stereo headphones plus the above.

• Sell more than 18 (which would be 24 items) you will get to Jump for George, where you can win a lot of money if you can jump far enough.

• Sell 36 items you’ll get a Bluetooth speaker plus the above.

• Sell 48 items you will get button AirPods and all of the above.

You will be delivering this packet before the holiday break. If you write a check make sure you are writing it to Macon County Jr. High. Thank you for supporting our school!