Big Chains vs. Small Businesses


Emerson Hubbard, Current News Editor

Big chains are companies like Wal-Mart and Dollar General or even food restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Sonic. Those big chains are all over. But why? Big chains are huge corporations with thousands of employees around the world and millions of customers, too. They make products that are checked and approved so that they cannot get sued, and in case they do, they have good lawyers on hand. The same can be said for small businesses, but small businesses have more control over their product and can ensure quality. They are also small companies with few employees. This means they work really hard to make an income and market their business.

Both big and small companies are always at war for dominance of a town or city. Even in a small town like Lafayette, there are businesses that fit into each of those categories. Although there is nothing wrong with shopping or eating at a big chain restaurant, just remember to always support your small, local businesses. After all, they are your friends and neighbors.

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