How MCJH has changed


Kelsey Rich

            Covid has caused a lot of things to change, including the way we do things at school. At the Macon County Jr. HIgh school, in 2020-2021, when I was in the 6th grade, covid hit in about March. At first, we had to quarantine for a month. That all changed when the covid cases got worse. Some teachers posted covid related assignments that were optional, and some didn’t. In  August 2021, we went back to school. You had the choice to either do virtual learning or come to school in person. If you came to school you did have the option to wear a mask, but it was not required. If you didn’t go virtual, when someone that sat within 6 feet of you and they either got quarantined or had covid, you had to quarantine.

             If you ended up getting tested for Coivid, and the results were negative, you were quarantined for twenty-four days. However, if you tested positive, you would be quarantined for ten days.  When you got quarantined, you still had to proceed to get your work done. The teachers posted the assignments on a site called google classroom. You were able to e-mail them with questions, keep yourself caught up, and not be so stressed out about not getting your work done and turned in. However, the students that didn’t have internet or a device to access their work, were told to call the school and ask for a paper copy so they could remain caught up with all of their work. As a school, MCJH has proved that even with a global pandemic, you can still continue to do anything, while staying safe and healthy.