Different Types of Sports

Different Types of Sports

Maggie Kelley, Sports Editor

     Sports consist of three types: individual, dual, and team. An individual sport is a sport that involves two competitors competing against one another. Dual sports consist of teams of two going against each other. A team sport is a sport in which people are organized into groups to compete against each other.

      Individual sports are for people who choose to work alone. Some people just don’t like the idea of having someone to help them and could possibly make them lose, so they play a sport that lets them play by themselves. Another reason people play individual sports is because they feel like they would be just fine on their own. This way if they make a careless mistake that costs them the game, they have no one else to take it out on but themselves.  Examples of individual sports include boxing, wrestling, golf, fencing, martial arts, tennis, ice skating, skiing, rodeo events, and much more.

A dual-sport is played by partners of two people against another set of partners. Some people feel like they can’t handle just being by themselves, so they resolve to dual sports. Examples of dual sports include tennis (two partners versus two partners), racquetball, etc.

A team sport is any sport where individuals are organized into groups that compete to win. Reasons people play team sports vary. Some people play team sports simply because they like the chance to make new friends. Others like team sports because they will learn how to practice, encourage, and motive their teammates regularly.

Many people can’t decide on whether they would like to work alone, work with another individual, or work with multiple people. Although no matter how many people you play with, whether it’s just one or 10, there is only one goal, and that is to win.