Small Businesses In Lafayette


Emerson Hubbard, Current News Editor

There are lots of small businesses. They are nice businesses, and their owners and employees pay attention to detail whereas chain stores and restaurants sometimes do not care about even the most minor of details. A lot of smaller businesses also have a touch that gives it a “wow” factor. Little businesses are also careful and attentive so their employees are nice and polite. So, I recommend them over chains like McDonald’s and Taco Bell.

The small businesses have good food and desserts, they also have cool little shops, and their ice cream machines work well and fast. McClards Gifts, I think, is also on the square with a cool little shop among other things. You can get little items like cards and other things. They love customers and have amazing decorations that are way better than decorations at chains. You can try both but I still have more. She Brews is also a small business in Lafayette, Tennessee that sells coffee, donuts, and other things.

Small businesses were going down at the start of the pandemic that started almost two years ago. It made some shutdown, but others kept intact and held it out. However, with the delta variant; this is troubling and fast so we may see a decrease which means more small businesses may open in the square for the citizens of Lafayette. Seeing small businesses in the square is nice and fun. According to a citizen of Lafayette who I asked about it says, “The small businesses make me feel encouraged by them so I support them.” They do fun little events, too, such as cake-eating contests. They are fun and give to the community.

So go try one and see if you like it. Here are some suggestions for those on the square: SheBrews, McClard’s Gifts, Gibson’s Cafe, and 615 On The Square. Those are just some suggestions, so do not forget how hard small businesses are trying to make a living and make a difference in the community.

There are tons of small businesses in our little town. Drop a comment about your favorite small business in Macon County! Who else should we shop with and support?