MCJH Basketball


Brody Gregory, MCJH sports editor

I talked to Mr. Maxfield about our school basketball team to see if he thought they would be better than they have ever been since he has been coaching the team. I also asked if he had some good sharpshooters this year. Personally, I think that the team will be really good this year and possibly go to a championship, but this is what he had to say about it:

“It’s too hard to say right now. It’s still too early in the season to make that assumption. We only have one returning player from last year that had any experience at the varsity level, but I am very pleased with the gains we made during summer camps. I believe that Macon County and Macon County Junior High School will be pleased with the product we put on the floor. We have definitely been putting in the time during the off-season working on shooting technique. I am expecting our shooting percent to go up as a team, and I am hoping to have more consistent shooters. Matthew Wheeley is our only returning varsity player, and he will be commanding the Point Guard position for the team. He is the nucleus of the team and does a great job of being our leader on the floor! He is also our best scoring threat, and he does an outstanding job of getting his teammate’s open shots as well.”