The New 6th Grade Hallway


Neveah Thomas

As we all know, there were new additions to our school, one of which contains the new 6th-grade hallway. Of course, our own hallways have their perks; but I thought it would be a cool idea to list some of the perks about the new 6th-grade hallway. So here are some of the perks of the new hallway.


  1. The hallway is very wide compared to ours. This is great for students when changing classes because there is so much more room to move around.
  2. The 6th grader’s bathrooms look phenomenal! Again, space is important. These bathrooms have more stalls than the 7th and 8th grade bathrooms.

There are also other great things about the new school addition.

  1. The classrooms are fairly spacious. 
  2. Their desks are wider than ours. 
  3. And last, but not least, everything looks new and fancy.


If you are a 6th grader, what’s your favorite thing about the new school wing?