How To Deal With Rejection


Haeley Gibbs

People are dating all around the school. Others have a crush on a certain someone. When you have a crush on someone, there will be a chance they’re going to say no.

Stay Calm

There’s no need to get angry. That boy/girl isn’t your only chance at love. Just wish your crush some good luck and try to stay calm. Don’t get mad, or that will ruin your friendship with them. It’s also best to talk to an adult about it. Don’t feel weird if you’re heartbroken about the situation, that’s common for most people.

Joy Moment

When down in the dumps, you may be able to do things you like such as listening to music or drawing. For the boys out there, y’all can play your PlayStations and Xboxes. Don’t let your crush get in the way of your life. The things you like keep you positive.

Top Secret: Diary

It’s best to start writing about it. The more you write, the more you feel like you don’t have to keep a secret. If you want, you can even show people your writing. Diaries can also help your writing skills. Set some time off to the side to peek in your diary. It is perfectly fine if you don’t want to keep a diary, other alternatives are writing letters (you don’t have to send them out), talking to a trusted friend about everything, or even keeping notes on your phone.

Guilty isn’t the Answer

When getting rejected, don’t let your crush feel like they’ve made a bad choice. Letting them feel guilty will risk the chance of them not wanting to hang out with you anymore. Just know that other people have feelings, too.