10 Weird But True Facts (Gross version)

10 Weird But True Facts (Gross version)

Sierra Troutt

The first one is pretty gross but is very true.

1. Vultures pee on their legs to lower their body temperature.

2. As many as 1.2 million bacteria live on your toothbrush.

3. For someone’s job as a foot-care product tester an Ohio woman sniffed 5,600 Feet.

4. Ancient Romans used urine to whiten their teeth.

5. A man in China can pull a car by hooking ropes onto his lower eyelids.

6. A British man ate 36 live cockroaches in one minute.

7. You can find a 40-year-old twinkie at a high school in Maine. It’s housed in a glass bowl and it’s surprisingly mold-free.

8. Jell-o once came in coffee, celery, and seasoned tomato flavors.

9. Some tiny snails can survive being eaten by birds and are found alive in their poop.

10. Lions can cough up hairballs the size of hot dogs.

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