How To Deal With A Karen


Haeley Gibbs

As you may know, we live in a big world. This means you’ll most likely meet a lot of people. Some of these people can be mean or sassy. Some are even bratty. If you ever meet one who acts like all of these traits, you’ve met a Karen.

What is a Karen?

A Karen is a girl who acts like they are in charge of everyone and everything, and they are usually really annoying. If you come in contact with a guy that has the same attitude would be referred to as a Ken. He is just as bad as a regular Karen! Karens are just plain-o Jane-o girls who have a normal name such as Brittany or Sarah.

Let me speak to your manager!

I know you’ve heard this saying before. It is a phrase that can get someone labeled as a Karen quicker than you can say Karen. Karens say that when at a store or restaurant. They get so mad, they want to speak to the manager. You may not even work there, but you know what? Karens don’t care! They like the satisfaction of yelling. A way to deal with this is to say you don’t work there, even if you do. You could also get the manager because, in the end, Karen is the one being kicked out.

Because I said so!

Some people like to have a party at a public pool or park. You reserve it for yourself, and that means no one else can come unless you give permission. Well, when a Karen wants to come, they “need” to come. You can’t let them. Karens love annoying people, so just act like you don’t have a care in the world about who is standing right in front of you. It’s better to just stay calm. Soon, they’ll get bored and storm off.

There are a ton of bad people in the world, and Karens are one of them. All they like is yelling, annoying you, and getting what they want. It’s not right for them to have what they came for. You’re just giving them more power. Karens have the traits of being bratty, sassy, rude, and angry. If all else fails… RUN!!!!