How To Pack More Efficiently


Sierra Troutt

Don’t we all get upset when we can’t close our bag and have to put some of the stuff we love, up?

Well, I do. You’re probably wondering how you can pack all your stuff and get everything you love in there, too. Here are some tips for you!

All of these ways should work with any bag accept a very small one.

I would recommend a backpack if you want to separate your stuff better. Something else to remember is that if you just throw your clothes in the bag you won’t have as much room. If you do it neater the results of fitting more stuff in your bag will shock you. I always pack two bags if I want to bring a lot of stuff. I would recommend a clothes bag and an item bag to put stuff like electronics, cameras, stands, etc.



You need to make sure you have all of the clothes you want to wear set out so you can pack them in your bag. Next, you need to put the outfits together in multiple little stacks.  Then you need to roll each outfit in a cylinder. Make sure that you put your undergarments, socks, etc in it. After that, you need to pack them all tight in your bag. Make sure they are packed tight enough that you can’t even stick a marker in between them. If you are anything like me you always have to take a nap on your trip. So, next, you need to put your pillow blanket in. (Optional) You can always carry these with you if you don’t have enough room! Then you can zip that bag up and move on to the next bag. So, in this bag, you need to put all your valuables, jewelry, technology, etc. I would recommend the backpack for this one because it has a lot of pockets. In the first pocket put the most breakable stuff in it. In the next pocket put the less breakable stuff, and so on and so forth. If you are gonna be on your technology during the trip I would put it in the side pockets as well as a drink if you get thirsty.


If you take these ideas to pack for your trip I hope you have a safe trip.