Embarrassing Situations

Embarrassing Situations

Angel Ferguson

Imagine making eye contact with someone you don’t know. Pretty dumb and embarrassing am I right? I don’t like it, and neither do you. But instead of telling you how to AVOID, I’m going to introduce you to different types of embarrassing situations and rating them! 😀

Situation #1 – Falling up the stairs and it’s very quiet, this doesn’t happen all the time, but just falling in front of people is already awkward as is. For this, its embarrassment rating on the embarrassing scale is a 9.

Situation #2 – Waving at someone who isn’t waving at you, this situation happens to literally everyone and it’s really embarrassing. You feel so dumb especially after you’ve already waved at them and you see them afterward. For this embarrassing moment, it gets a 7 on the embarrassing scale. 

Situation #3 – Random silence in a conversation. I hate when this happens when I’m talking to someone, it’s like I said something wrong. Anyways, this gets a rating of 6 on the embarrassing scale, because, it’s just totally embarrassing in a group convo.

Situation #4 – Others hear your joke or question and someone doesn’t hear you. This makes me want to hide in a shell and never come back out again. It’s even more embarrassing when everyone looks at you like your some type of odd creature. This gets an 8 on the embarrassing scale. 

Situation #5 – Your food gets stuck in your mouth. This doesn’t happen totally often, but it still happens to the best of us. For its embarrassment, it gets a 5 on the embarrassing scale, because it’s still pretty embarrassing. 

These are just some of the few embarrassing situations that happen in the crazy world. Maybe these things haven’t happened to you (congrats) but maybe you have 1-5 of these things happen and you can relate to the ratings I’ve given them.

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