National Autism Month!

National Autism Month!

Alisabeth Delgado

April is a wonderful month. It’s filled with blooming joy and happiness. One of the many wonderful parts of April is it is National Autism Month. One of my own family members is autistic. My 5-year-old cousin has autism. He has gotten better at communicating with others though. Families of those who struggle with autism appreciate that there is an awareness month for the condition.

What is autism?

Autism is a disability that stays for life. It is a very complex disability that will most likely appear in the childhood stages of a person. A person’s social skills, communication, and relationships can be affected when someone has autism. The brain is affected when having Autism Spectrum. Even though a person is diagnosed with autism does not mean they will never have good social skills.

How does autism affect their lifestyle?

Autism can have many effects on a family. Autism can have an impact on emotional problems maybe even sibling problems.

Emotional impact –When a child has autism the kid’s parents and siblings will probably start to have emotional ups and downs. For example, parents might experience a lot of stress and constant worry. While the sibling might start to get jealous because they get less attention.

Sibling impact – When a child with autism has a brother/sister or more than one sibling the relationship between them might not be as good. While the autistic child needs more attention and patience the other sibling may begin to feel resentful and left out. The parents can’t really solve this problem, but as far as a relationship goes you have to form it yourself.

How should I act around autistic people?

Focus, attention, transitions, organization, memory, time management, emotional control, and frustration can all be possible troubles a person with autism has. So when around autistic people always act nice. They might show ignorance but they can’t really help it. So you should always act with kindness and compassion.

A teacher’s perspective.

Here is a teacher’s perspective of awareness that educators and students should have over autism.