How to Throw the Best Sleepover


Sierra Troutt

Who here loves hanging out with friends? Who would like to spend the night with your friends, or your friends to spend the night with you?

I do! I always love to go to my best friend’s house and spend time with them besides school. If nothing else, I love just getting away from my siblings. These are some good ideas to make your home more fun, welcoming, and comfortable for a sleepover.

The first thing you need to do is get together how many people you need to invite or can invite. Just remember less is better sometimes because you can spend more quality time with everyone. It is not up to me how many people you invite, but be prepared. The more people you have, the more snacks your parents have to buy. You will also have to clean more stuff. Girls and boys seem to get rowdy when they get together into a big group.

These ideas are mostly for girls but if you want ideas for guys, ask for them in the comments.

First things first, get your house clean, so you don’t have to worry about it when your friend/friends are there. Next, go ahead and plan out what you and your friend/friends will do. Some ideas may include board games, playing on the trampoline, playing in a pool (make sure there is no stormy weather approaching, and make sure it is warm outside), playing tag, playing with water balloons (again this needs to be played when it is warmer), face mask, play truth or dare, pillow fights, bake/cook, tell each other’s secrets, do each other’s hair, go shopping, go out to eat, or just hanging out in your room, etc.

Do you get tired of play with water balloons then running out because you popped them? If so this next hack is for you. 

      Reusable Water Balloons


  • Soft sponges
  • Rubber Bands
  • Bucket/Buckets of Water

      Building Process

Cut your sponge into 1 inch strips. Next, take your rubber band and put it around the middle of the sponge. **Make sure they are on tight. ** Last fill up your bucket with water. (If you want a soapy splash add some dish soap of your choice).  After you fill up your bucket/buckets, put in about 20 or more of your homemade water balloons. If there are two or more teams I would recommend two buckets.


*There are two ways to play, either competitive or just for fun.* 

  1.  Grab your buckets, and put them beside or near you or your teammates. Go around and try to throw them at the other team.
  2. Next, after they are all out of the buckets, pick them all up, put them back into the water, and play as many times as your heart desires.


**Be careful when on pavement, it can get a little slippery.**