Summer Fever


Madison McClard, Student Features Editor

We all know and love summer, but how long exactly do we have to wait to officially say it’s summer?

We get out for school on May 29, and summer officially begins on June 20! Last year, everyone was so ready for summer…especially given the circumstances of the whole COVID-19 thing. This year has been hectic, too. I can’t believe it has already been a year since the pandemic started. There were all kinds of trends and ideas of fun things to do last summer. What can we do this year to make it even more memorable?

1. Watch a sunset

This can be so fun! The sky is always a different color, and there is something magical about God’s creations. To make it even more fun have a picnic while watching the afternoon sun sink down below the clouds.

2. Have a movie night

This wouldn’t be just any movie night, it would be extravagant! Instead of sitting on your couch, go outside. Bring some blankets and set up a projector. You could order one on amazon, they come in handy. You could set it up on a white blanket hanging up, or a wall. Invite some friends, or just hang out with the fam. You could even show a double feature!

3. Go on a hike

This is always fun and good for exercising! Bring plenty of snacks and WATER. It is very important to stay hydrated. There are plenty of places to go on a hike. Even if it’s your backyard; exercise is exercise.

4. Make Milkshakes/Smoothies

I know this one sounds weird, but it is so fun. All you need is milk, ice cream, and whatever else you want to put in it. This could be sugar, chocolate sauce, or even vanilla extract. Smoothies are just about the same. You just need some type of liquid, and the fruits/vegetables you want. It’s that easy!

5. Try Something New

Lastly, just get out of your house, and explore. Try something new! You never know what you might find. You could find a new hobby even. Just remember to make this summer last, it doesn’t stay summer forever.