How To Defend Yourself Against Intruders In Your House


Haeley Gibbs

Have you ever wondered how many intruders break into homes each year? Here’s an estimate: 2.5 million! That is only in the United States though! Wait, don’t you live in the USA? Well, maybe you should lock your doors.

Ding Dong, who’s at the door?

When home alone, your parents usually tell you if they are expecting anyone or not. If they aren’t, don’t be answering the door. If you expect someone, tell your parents so they don’t get worried when they come home and hear another voice. Imagine if someone you don’t know knocks on the door or rings the doorbell. Well, here is a solution: speak. The intruder usually knocks, and if he hears silence, he will knock down the door! You have to say something to make it sound like you’re not alone. Here are some examples: “Sis, the pizzaman is here!” or “(call dog’s name) wanna go on a walk with Mom and me?”

What is that noise?

Hear a noise when you’re alone? Probably the intruder just looking for some money and expensive things. Secretly, and silently, you can go out the door and close it quietly. Then you can go into a bush or dark area to hide. Once you are safe, call 911. They will know what to do and they are guaranteed to keep you protected.

Tell the young!

When you are older and you have a couple of kids, you can tell them about their safety. Telling them about what to do when there is an intruder decreases the chance of getting robbed. You may forget about this article by then, so it’s OK to tell a younger sibling or relative. People can’t be robbing others and escaping jail. It’s not right! Once you are older and can drive, make sure you don’t act stupid and start robbing people. You have to stop the increasing rate of criminals(10.35 million!).