Happy Little Trees

A dedication to a beloved artist.


Angel Ferguson


Art. It’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it? It can make you sad, or happy, or just plain weirded out. Everyone has had their fair share of artwork. Even if you only drew a couple of stick figures out in the meadow. It’s still art. But I’m sure no one ever had the thought of even having a television show dedicated to art. Unless your Bob Ross that is.

If you live under 7,000 rocks and never come out of your dungeon of a room, then you probably have no single IDEA about who Bob Ross is. He’s known to the world as being a very gentle and happy painter, who most people loved his calm voice. His show was aired on PBS (Public Broadcasting Station) and ran from January 11, 1983, to May 17, 1995. He would paint scenes in easy, understandable ways in which people found inspiring to them. A lot of people would compare him to Fred Rogers, also known on another PBS show called, “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood”. Bob Ross was also known to care for injured animals. Bob Ross had become a TV fanatic. Most people who want to start painting follow up on his YouTube channel under, “Bob Ross”. Sadly, he no longer appears on TV since he passed on July 4, 1995. But that doesn’t mean that his teachings of painting don’t live on. During the quarantine of 2020, most people took to learning new skills. That included learning about art, and due to the technological advancements of society, his YouTube channel flouished.

Bob Ross was famous not once, but twice. And even though he might not have had the opportunity to see more of our generation be enticed by his works of art, he still lives on in the history of art.