How To Throw the Best Party


Sierra Troutt

We all love parties, right? Well, what if I told you that you can throw the “best party?!”

If you are thinking “What do I have to do to throw the best party?” Well, it easy here are a few things to get you started.

First, get together party invitations for the people that you want to invite. You can even do e-invites! Invitations make events seem more exciting!

Next, clean your house! It’s important to make guests feel at home and welcome. A messy, dirty house isn’t welcoming. However, you should be prepared to clean the house afterwards!

After you clean, your house makes sure you have plenty of snacks. Guests can get kind of hungry–especially middle schoolers!

Also, make sure you have some type of music to have a dance party. You can do other stuff. too. One other thing you could do is board games. There are so many board games in this world it is hard to count. You could also play games like charades or corn hole. You and your friends can go out and do something too. There are some fun things like going to the bowling alley, going to an arcade, and even a pool if it is warm outside.

If you love hacks for parties this is for you

We all get bored during the summer even if our friends come over a lot. What if there was a way to feel like you’re at the beach when you are in your backyard?

Hack 1 Supplies:

  1. Duffle balls with holes in them
  2. Sponges
  3. Water
  4. Kiddie pools are made out of vinyl materials.
  5. Tarp or Slip N Slide sheet
  6. Plastic bat
  7. Large area to play in
  8. Bucket

Some type of soap (Options may be different depending on allergies)


First, take your duffle balls that have holes in them, then take your sponges and cut them into strips. If they are not already moist dampen them with water. Put them inside your duffle balls, and then put them into the bucket filled with water. Next, you set up the Slip N Slide/Tarp with the kiddie pools. Set it up into the shape of a square. Fill the kiddie pools with water. Also, you need to wet the Slip N Slide/Tarp so you can slip on it. Next, you need to put a little bit of soap on it. After you get all of this done do a test run to make sure it works. You need to make sure you have a pitcher, basemen, the bat, batters, and runners.


The first batter steps up to the plate. The pitcher throws the ball, and the batter has to try to hit it. After you hit it you have to run. This game is essentially baseball but on a large, slick surface.


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