Softball is Tougher than Baseball


Maggie Kelley, Student Writer

 Nobody said that sports are easy, but some are easier or harder than others. It all revolves around the physics of the sport and the mental and physical talents required to play. The physics required differ from others. The game of softball and baseball is about 50% mental and 50% physical. You have to have an equal mindset to keep calm and make plays naturally. However, softball is a much tougher sport to play.

First of all, the distance of the pitching mound to the batter’s box. Yes, it is true that softballs become larger by the age group and baseballs stay the same, but one thing that makes it unequal is how close the pitching mound is. The average speed for a 12 year old A class softball player is 53-58 miles per hour. The distance of the mound at that age is about 42 feet whereas the baseball pitching mound for a 12 year old is about 60 feet 6 inches from home plate. The average speed for a 12 year old A class baseball player is about 55-60 miles per hour. When you think about it that way, it would be harder to hit a softball than a baseball. Imagine a ball coming at you at 58 miles per hour from 42 feet and the only protection you have is a helmet with a possibility of an elbow strap, chin guard, etc.

Second of all, as mentioned before, the size of the ball can make a difference. A baseball is smaller making it easier to fit in a glove when you catch it. A softball, on the other hand, would be a tad bit harder due to the fact that it’s bigger and would be harder to fit in your glove. A baseball is 9 ¼ inches big throughout all age groups, while a softball is 12 inches in the 12u group. A softball is 6.5 ounces while a baseball is 5.2 ounces. This also means it would be harder to grip the softball due to its size, and harder to throw due to its mass. A baseball is small and lightweight which means it would be easier to get your hand on it and have a better grip. That would also lead to a better throw being made along with its lightness.

Last of all, you must consider the pitching mound. A baseball pitching mound is 10 inches above the rest of the baseball field. However, a softball mound is flat on the ground. The elevation on the pitching mound gives the baseball a little bit of smoke coming down on the elevation which could increase the pitching speed. A softball pitching mound is flat on the ground, so whatever speed the ball goes is the speed that the pitcher worked for.

After all the things add up, softball is truly harder than baseball. Guys would hate to admit it, but softball is harder than men presume.