Top 5 Spring Things to Look Forward To


Grace Clevenger

1. Going on long hikes

The weather is getting nicer out and that means more things are open. Going on hikes on trails with family and friends sounds like a fun and physical activity. It can be very stress-relieving as well as good exercise.

2. Spring cleaning

Even though some of us don’t enjoy cleaning, spring cleaning is a fun and healthy activity to do. You could do all sorts of things during spring cleaning! Redecorate your room, clean up, or you could even go through your clothes.

3. Go on a road trip

Going on road trips is perfect for this type of weather! Everything is coming in bloom and so many beautiful sites are open. Going to different states or even going to a state park is so fun during this time, you could probably see a lot of different animals too!

4. Picnics 

Having a nice little picnic with friends or family is perfect. Gorgeous weather and cool air are perfect for picnics, especially after a long and cold winter.

5. Camping

Camping is also a great thing to do during spring. Lighting a fire and having nice smores. You could also tell camp stories and maybe go kayaking down a river!

All these things sound so fun! Here’s a question, what is your favorite thing to do during spring?