Mrs. Terri Pardue


Grace Clevenger

  1. Do you enjoy teaching?
    I absolutely LOVE teaching…especially my 8th graders!  They keep my entertained, enthused, and educated! 😀

  2. What’s one thing (if not many) that you want your students to remember about you as they get older?
    Oh, my…I would like for my students to remember me as a kind person who loved each and every one of them.  I would like them to remember me as someone who taught them a lot and gave them hope for their future.
  3.  What is something you seek to improve in your students?
    I seek to improve my students’ opinions about reading.  I want to realize that reading can be fun, exciting, and life-changing.  I want them to also realize that they are the masters of their own lives, and nothing could make me happier than for my students to grow up and be kind people living fulfilling lives.

  4.  What is your favorite book?
    The Bible is my favorite book of all-time!  It never gets old.  It teaches me how to better live my life.

  5. Where is one place you would like to travel to?EVERYWHERE and ANYWHERE!  I love to travel and see new places…especially historically significant places.

  6.  What were you going to do if you didn’t teach?
    1. When I was younger, I wanted to be a private detective, a forensic scientist, or an airline stewardess (so that I could see the world).
  7.  How long have you been teaching?
    1. This is my 27th year at Macon County Junior High, and I love this school SO VERY MUCH!  I also subbed in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky for 2 years and worked in a private school in Gallatin for 2 years.  That makes a total of 31 years. Whew! I hope to retire in 3 more years.
  8.  What grade did you start out teaching?
    I started out teaching in kindergarten believe it or not.  I told my husband after my second year in kindergarten that I was NOT going back to kindergarten!  Then I got my job at MCJH and thought I had died and went to heaven!  I love middle school students!
  9.  Where did you get your degree?
    I have 3 degrees, and I got them all at Western Kentucky University.  GO TOPS!
  10. What would be a different subject you would like to teach if you didn’t teach reading?
    I wouldn’t want to teach anything besides reading because I love it so much, but…I believe I would also love to teach history!  History makes me happy!