Food of the Week: Chicken

Week 3: Chicken

Food of the Week: Chicken

Mattie Goad

This week’s “Food of the Week” is chicken! Here are some fun facts about chicken.

  • Americans consume 8 billion chickens per year alone.
  • Over 1oo million pounds of chicken wings were eaten over the 2012 super bowl weekend.
  • In Gainsville, Georgia it’s illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork.
  • The chicken wing originated in Buffalo, New York
  • There are 26 people in the U.S. listed on with the last name ‘Chicken’
  • The average American eats over 80 pounds of chicken each year.
  • The average domestic laying hen lays 255 eggs per year.
  • The color of the eggs depends on the chicken’s earlobes.

There are many ways to cook and eat chicken too. Many people enjoy deep frying legs, thighs, wings, and breasts, but you can also grill it or fix it rotisserie style. More people than you realize actually eat chicken feet.

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