My Tragedy by Brayden Montanye


Haeley Gibbs

1st Place Contest Winner – Haeley Gibbs  ( You must read BOTH stories or you’ll be confused! They go together!)


I pulled up to Joney’s uncle’s-Lane’s- house, and there they were- Joney, Lane, and Joney’s little cousin- waiting for me. Lane started hollering, “Get your gear on! We got the bull ready!”

“Ok!” I hollered back. I got my gear on, and I saw Lane standing at the bucket chute.

“C’mon” he yelled.

I climbed up and got on the bull, then the gate opened. The bull was jerking me every which way, though I still had a successful eight seconds. I rode four more bulls, then I faced the most dangerous bull. I was able to ride six seconds before I was shot like a torpedo towards the fence. I felt a sharp piercing pain in my back, then nothing.

The next thing I remember is Haeley by my bedside and shouting my name in excitement and anticipation. I saw her sitting there and I wanted to say I was sorry for being so bold, but I couldn’t say anything.

I guessed she could see what I wanted to say and said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get better…someday.” with tears of sadness in her eyes.

Then a doctor walked in and looked at me and was surprised to see me awake. He looked to Haeley and said, “Ms. Gibbs please leave.”

She responded with “Why?”

Then the doctor turned to her and said, “Please just go. You’ve been here long enough.”

She left (SLAM!) and slammed the door behind her.

Then the doctor turned back to me and said, “You’ve been out for almost two weeks,” with a look that concerned me. He continued, “but that’s the good news.” He then said, “You broke your spine, and you have a serious concussion. You won’t be able to bull ride for a long time.”

Soon, a physical therapist came in. “Let’s get you walking again,” he said.

I responded with, “Sounds great!” I realized I could talk again.

Later the next day, during my lesson, Haeley came into the room which further angered the doctor. He practically screamed, “What are you doing here? I said he would be home next week.”

I didn’t really care. In fact, I missed her a lot, so I walked away from my lessons and went to Haeley. I gave her a hug that I had waited for a long time and I said, “I missed you so much.”

“You can talk!” she squealed.

I spoke once more and said, “I want to come home. I really miss Buddy.” Haeley looked at the doctor and waited for a response. The doctor said nothing.

“I know you want to, but you’re going to have to wait a week,” she said.

I grew sad. “Did I really hit the gate that hard?” I asked. I was growing sad at the fact that I missed Buddy and the fun game nights that we had.

Then she spoke and said, “Well, yes.” I looked down knowing I wasn’t going to go home. I grew angry at the thought.

“How about this,” she said, “when I come to pick you up, I’ll bring Buddy.”

I tried to smile and said, “Okay.” She then left.

I finally finished my physical lessons the Friday before I left.

Finally, it was Saturday. It felt like a lifetime. I put on my best clothes. I soon saw Haeley pull up with Buddy in the back seat.

I got in and she asked, “What’s the special occasion?”

I responded in a teasing tone and cheeky smile, “Oh, nothing.” Then I asked, “How about we stop at the park?” She gave me a confused look, but we went anyway. We stopped and left Buddy at a shady park bench while we went to the fountain. We sat at the fountain and watched the sunset.

Then I finally broke the silence. “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time.”

I gave her a hesitant look. I let out a long sigh. I got off the fountain and turned to her.

What are you doing?” she asked as I got down on one knee and gave her my best smile.

I finally popped the question, “Will you marry me?”

She gasped. Tears of joy ran down her face and she said with the biggest smile, “Yes!” I got up and grabbed her hands, and I kissed her as the sun by the clouds shone the prettiest pink.