How To Save Earth: Earth Day Style


Haeley Gibbs

Earth day comes once a year in March(specifically March 20th). While others help, some are just sitting at home watching TV. There is a reason for this. They don’t know how to save the planet!

Lights Out!

When leaving a room, it is good to turn the lights off. Leaving lights on decreases power, causing the house or building to go black. It also makes your guardian pay more for electricity. If you want your clothes clean and food to eat, maybe you should flip the switch.

What’s that green sign?

Have you seen this sign on the right? Of course you have! These signs are found at parks and stores. They are meant as a reminder to recycle when possible. By recycling bottles and cans, you are healing the planet. If you are finished with a bottle of water or a can of soda, it would be best to put it in a tub with this symbol instead of a regular trash can. When you put it in a trash can, you are harming the Earth. All the trash gets picked up by dump trucks. Do you know where those trucks take the garbage? The junkyard!

Let’s save money!

Paper towels and toilet paper are used all over the world. Once you use it long enough, it disappears into a cardboard cylinder. Don’t throw it away! You can turn it into a necklace, or better, binoculars! After eating a popsicle or some ice cream, you can keep the popsicle sticks. Be creative and make a house.

Earth day exists for a reason. Since people have been doing this, we are safe. If nobody did it, the world wouldn’t exist and we wouldn’t see each other. Please think about it, and if you already do it…

Good Job!!