Cheerleading Tryouts


Cadie Wohlgamuth

Cheer-leading tryouts are coming really soon. Most of the girls are really excited to be trying out this year, but they don’t know how. I got Cheer coach Mrs. Monica’s thoughts on cheer tryouts, and how to sign up for tryouts!


Q.  How do you sign up for tryouts?

A. Once a date has been set, Mrs. Wilkerson will pass out paperwork for all interested in trying out.  Tryouts are typically near spring break, but a definite date has not been set yet.

Q. What do you expect for tryouts? 

A. Everyone trying out will be taught a few cheers, sidelines, and dance in two days.  This material will be performed in front of judges along with jumps (toe-touch and hurdler) and tumbling.  Scores will then be added together and the 12 with the highest scores will make the cheer team.

Q. Can you still tryout without having experience? 

A. Experience is not necessary, but practice before tryouts is a must.  Even though the material is actually taught at a tryout clinic, everyone trying out needs to work on motions, spirit, tumbling and jumps well in advance.

Q. What is your favorite part of Cheer tryouts?

A. I enjoy watching those trying out for the first time. I am able to see the determination and hard work they put in to make the team.  I also look forward to seeing how much the returning cheerleaders have improved since they last tried out.