The Destruction of Texas


Harley Ritter

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Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images


These past few weeks, a lot of states (including Tennessee) have received more snow than they are used to. One of those states just so happens to be Texas. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Texas is more of a hot and dry state, so they aren’t the most prepared for snow because they hardly ever get much of it. Because of this lack of preparation, the snow has caused a lot of destruction in the state.

The Power Outage

About 4 million residents in Texas had to go through a major power outage. This power outage wasn’t just going without lights, but it was also going without heat for a lot of people. Many people froze because of the freezing temperatures. A total of 21 people had died from this historic storm. Now that the storm is starting to die down, many people are faced with extremely high electricity bills up to the thousands. Many people have voiced that they are not in a spot where they can afford these horrendous bills.

Relief Programs

There are currently quite a few Texas relief fundraisers at the moment. Most of them happen to be on a commonly used sight Gofundme. The relief programs are trying to raise money to help Texans pay the electricity bills, rebuild destroyed homes, and help people still in the cold weather have warmer clothing. I highly encourage supporting these programs if you have the money.

Have you heard about this horrendous storm? How do you think we as a country can help?