The Worst and Best Super Bowl Halftime Shows


Ben Hall

One of the most enjoyable parts of the famous Super Bowl is the spectacular halftime show, where famous artists will perform during halftime to give the players a break before the second half and hype the crowds up.

!!!I am going to go through a list of some of the worst and best halftime shows. Please be aware that this is my opinion, and is just what I think are the top 3 worst and top 3 best halftime shows.!!!

  • Top 3 WORST Halftime Shows:

#3. The Worst Performance: Maroon 5 – Super Bowl LIII (2019)

In 2019, a lot of artists refused to perform at Super Bowl 53 because of issues surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback. However, Maroon 5 stepped up to the stage to perform, resulting in one of the WORST halftime shows to ever exist. Instead of performing their songs in a normal way, they tried to change it up to make the songs more interesting; not a good idea. Also, shirtless Adam Levine did not make things much better at all.

#2. The Fake Performance: Bruno Mars & (special guest) Red Hot Chili Peppers – Super Bowl XLVII (2014)

Actually, this Super Bowl started off really good, with Bruno Mars making an awesome performance for everyone. Then, the Red Hot Chili Peppers appeared. Along with their music being completely awful already, Bruno Mars tried to join in. If you didn’t think that was bad enough, it turns out that performance was mostly FAKE. This reason being that people noticed the guitar and drum parts were not in sync with the singing. It turns out that the drum and guitar parts were pre-recorded, and only the singing was real.

#1. Fergie’s Awful Impression: Black Eyed Peas, Fergie, & Slash – Super Bowl XLVI (2011)

Along with the costumes they were wearing being completely ridiculous, The Black Eyed Peas’ performance at Super Bowl 46 was not the best. Then lead guitarist “Slash” from 80’s rock band Guns ‘n’ Roses came out playing one of his legendary guitar parts. Everyone thought the show was saved until Fergie started singing to it! On top of that, she was not singing how she normally does, but trying to sing like the actual lead singer from Guns ‘n’ Roses. Come to think of it, this halftime show would have been a lot better if Fergie wasn’t there…

  • Top 3 BEST Halftime Shows:

#3. Limited Performance: The Weeknd – Super Bowl LV (2021)

Due to Covid Guidelines, this performance was restricted from full potential. Luckily, The Weeknd pulled it off almost perfectly. Instead of using the traditional stage due to Covid, he used the stands and the field to perform with, and even put on a spectacular light show along with fireworks. The Weeknd even put SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS of his own money in to make the performance one to remember.

#2. A Fixed Mistake: Micheal Jackson – Super Bowl XXVII (1993)

In 1992, the Super Bowl Halftime show was a DISASTER, and whoever ran the show realized the mistake they made. So, the next year they got Micheal Jackson to perform. Did that please the crowd? Yes, BIGTIME. Everyone definitely had an amazing time with this Super Bowl Halftime show.

#1. The 50th: Coldplay, Bruno Mars, & Beyonce – Super Bowl L (Late 2015)

To celebrate the fiftieth Super Bowl, Coldplay put on a spectacular show during Halftime. The light setup on the stage made things even more interesting for the fans with Coldplay’s music. On top of that, Bruno Mars and Beyonce joined in to make the show even more awesome. This will really be a Super Bowl Halftime show to remember.