How To Fall Asleep Faster


Haeley Gibbs, How To

As school progresses, sleep becomes hard. You start having tons of homework. Doing five pages of homework might keep you up till three in the morning. Some people have to wake up early too. Sleep is very important, and you need to do it often. You can even make a schedule to help.

Less Light

Some people share a room with their siblings. As you may know, younger siblings are scared of the dark. This forces you to sleep in your bed with a big nightlight next to your head. A way to stop this is by sleeping on the darker side. By doing this, you are being less exposed to the light and more sucked into the darkness. If you have a closet light, you can just shut the door to a crack, or as small as possible to where your sibling doesn’t get scared. If all else fails, you can sleep on the couch.

Keep Away From Caffeine

Drinking caffeine or eating sugar keeps you up. If you have control over craziness, you may not have to worry. Caffeine is the one thing that makes you hyper, making you wide awake. Of course, after it’s over, you feel really tired. That doesn’t mean you still fall asleep at twelve in the morning. You can still eat and drink sweets, just make sure you do it way before you go to bed.

Clear The Mind

If your mind is clear by the time you lay down, you won’t have to worry. You will be ready for a new day by the time you awake. Meditating also helps people clear their minds. If you don’t have anything on your mind, it’s good to do it anyways. You may even have worries or problems, but to clear your mind means to clear your mind.


Taking a bath or shower lets you relax. It’s most relaxing whenever it is a hot shower/bath. If you want, you can even relax in the hot tub. If you don’t have one, it’s alright to just stick with the bathroom. Not everyone needs to do this though. If you have time, you can sit in the tub listening to relaxing music. Bathing is a good way to help your sleep quality.

I hope these easy steps helped you. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night, which is the reason why I wrote this article. If you are not sure of what I said, make sure to check out this link: