To Give or Not to Give


Madison McClard

Valentines day is right around the corner, and with it so close it leaves people wondering what should I get her/him for Valentines DayShould I get them anything at all? Well, that is a good question. Many people exchange gifts on Valentines Day, but why?

According to Newsround, Valentines Day was first started by a Roman Festival. The festival was called Lupercalia. It marked the start of spring. During the festivals, boys would draw girls’ names out of boxes and date for the festival. Some would even get married! The name St. Valentine was used to express feelings of people they loved.

With all of this in mind I bet you’re wondering did they give each other gifts? Well the truth is, we really don’t know. Despite the people of the festival going on dates and even getting married, there is no proof that they gave each other gifts. So this leads to the question, “Where did  the tradition of gift giving begin?” 

According to Valentines Gifts for her, the fist card recorded in history that was given to someone was in 1415. Charles-the Duke of New Orleans-gave his wife a card. This started to become a popular trend. By the 19th century a card on Valentines Day was the most common gift!

So maybe for Valentines Day instead of showing off and getting big gifts, maybe you should just get that special someone a simple card. Have a Happy Valentines Day!