How To Deal With A Breakup

How To Deal With A Breakup

Haeley Gibbs

People around the school have been dating, but there seem to be fewer couples now. People are hanging out less, and some are just fighting. Some people don’t even want to talk to each other! To stop all this drama and arguing mess, I will tell you how to deal with a breakup without causing someone pain.

Write it down

Writing it down is really helpful, even if it’s written inside a diary. It lets you not forget the moment, so you won’t make the same mistake again. Nobody likes having to relive the pain over and over again, so it would be better to remember it. Keeping it in a diary or in words can keep it from staying on your mind all the time. Use the paper as a vent. Go on a rant to your notebook. It will help! 🙂

Think of good things

Once you have your mind off of him/her, you might want to think about all the good things in the world. Sometimes you can even give compliments to yourself and others. Smiling every day will show people around you, and yourself, that you are over it.

Remember you have a future

Whenever you are with someone, you likely talk about what you will do in the future. You may even talk about getting married or a dream house you will live in. You don’t have to forget those dreams though. You can still live in the house you have wanted for years, and you can marry someone else.

One way to know if you should be dating certain people is to ask yourself, “Would I ever marry this person?” Why date someone you would never marry? If you are in middle school though, you have to understand that you more than likely will not marry whoever you are dating. It is just as likely to not last in high school. Love can last forever, but most of the time it doesn’t. Not everyone understands that.

People may break up because they find another person they like or because of problems. Either way, everyone will learn that they are worthy of love. Your soulmate is waiting out there, hoping to find you someday. Love is everywhere. You just have to find it.