How to Have Fun in Spring


Sierra Troutt

Spring officially starts on Saturday, March 20th! Though the actual season hasn’t started yet, the weather is springing upon us fast! If you find yourself getting bored, use some of these ideas to enjoy your spring.


REMINDER: Pollen is In the air if you have allergies

You can do this with your family, friends, and even by yourself. Have fun and be safe

  1. Take pictures with your family
  2. Pick flowers
  3. Make a flower crown
  4. Take some scenery pictures
  5. Go hiking
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Take a vacation on spring break
  8. Draw
  9. Read
  10. Hang out friends
  11. Climb a tree
  12. Eat honeysuckles
  13. Pick apples
  14. Go to the apple orchard
  15. Walk the creek bank
  16. Make a flower/Vegetable garden
  17. Plant different types of trees
  18. Pick cherries
  19. Track a tree/flowers growth
  20. Get, and take care of baby animals