How To Deal With The Loss of a Loved One


Haeley Gibbs, How To

Everybody has many feelings, and one feeling that can seem the most controlling is sadness. This feeling comes when you get hurt, or when someone that you really love goes to a better place. If you could find a way to look for the bright side, things may get easier.

Find some support!

Whether you choose a friend, parent, or guardian, they will be by your side as you mourn for your loved ones. This happens a ton as you get older, especially as your grandparents get older and weaker. Soon enough, you will have children. This means you could end up having a miscarriage. Family members will sometimes go to you for some support, so be ready.

Take a walk!

Taking a walk with your phone on silent will really be helpful. Keeping your phone on silent makes sure you don’t get any calls or messages while walking, which makes your walk (or jog) more pleasant and relaxing. Nobody likes disturbances. Walking will keep your blood flowing too. Walking can have many benefits, so it may be the best choice.

These two things are very helpful, and they can help with many other things. Parents are more than welcome to help you, and walking can be soothing sometimes. Most people like the nice cool breeze while the birds chirp. I hope you get over the loss soon and don’t keep your life hidden away because of someone’s death. Just know that they are always watching over you. You mustn’t ever forget them.