3rd Place Contest Winner – Keenan White

A Story Written by Third Place Contestant in Story Contest

Keenan White

It was the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. I lined up at the line of scrimmage “down set go”, the quarterback hiked the ball, I ran a curl route I caught the ball, and I thought I was off to the races until I look to the side of me and see Brandon Marshall coming at me “20, 15, 10, 5 and he’s down at the one yard line.” I got chased down I couldn’t feel my legs I couldn’t hear anybody. All I could hear was my ears ringing. I thought to myself ‘I have a concussion.’

The trainers came out with the golf cart and the stretcher. They put me on the stretcher and took me to the ambulance. They called the head coach on the phone they had on the sideline. I could barely hear, but I could hear enough where the trainer said “he has a concussion”. They rushed me to the hospital and they put me on a bed. I had a 6 hour surgery just 10 minutes away. When I woke up I was in my little tent still in my gown. They said that I would have to be in a wheelchair for 3 months, but I would be out for 6 months. My teammates facetimed me and I got the bad news our starting QB is on the covid list. So our back up quarterback will be Josh McDonald. But we got some good news we won the Super Bowl I didn’t remember that we even had that game.

       I finally got to come home and my wife threw me a welcome home party with friends family and teammates. They told me some good news my brother got drafted to the Tennessee Titans in the 2 round 23 pick. Unfortunately he couldn’t be at the draft because of the virus. So the next day I went down to the facility and started training trying to get back to full health. I’m finally walking on my feet know. In the preseason I only had 1 month until I was back to full health. I was feeling good know but they still wouldn’t let me go out onto the practice field. So I was the waterboy like I was for the past 6 months.

       Finally it was time time to get back on the field. My first day back I was better than ever. Went 10/10 on my catches and ran a 3.1 on my 40 yard dash. My first game back was against the Titans we packed our bags and headed to Tennessee. When we arrived we went and had a players meeting. The next morning we went to practice before our game. Finally the day had come I was back on the field. Coach put me in and the first play of the game we ran a Hail Mary and my quarterback connected. “Touchdown Giants”. After the game my stats was 6 receptions 550 yards and 3 touchdowns. After the game me and my brother took a picture holding each other’s jersey. He was named rookie of the year, and I  was named MVP.They had me good news my former LSU teammate was drafted 1 round 1 pick Joe Burrow. I tried everything I could to get him but coach wouldn’t take him so the Bengals got him.

        I was now 45 years old and I announced my retirement. I was going to finish this year then retire but I started getting really bad cramps from the hit I took 7 years ago. When I retired I worked on my dad’s farm. After that I began to start to announce NFL football games. I quit doing that when I was 65 years old. Now I’m 70 and I bought the NFL organization and I’m getting 7.8 million dollars. I’ve only suspended 2 people out of the whole year. 



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