3rd Place Contest Winner – Carson Brawner

3rd Place Winner in Contest

Carson Brawner

It was the ninth inning and two outs on a humid summer day. That day was the championship and the score was ten to ten. My dad said “Ducks on a pond boys, ducks on a pond.” That meant that the bases all had players. I could hear my dad telling me the sign then I stepped up to the plate. As the pitcher was going through the wind-up, I closed my eyes to focus on what I was there for, then out of nowhere I saw the ball zip by. “Strike one,” the umpire called. The next few pitches were on strike and three balls. The last pitch came by and I heard the wood make the loudest crack that I had ever heard. I saw the ball soaring over the field.

As I was running to first, I saw the umpire swing his arm in circles and I saw that he was signaling a home run. As I rounded third, my whole team was at home plate. We had won the game because of that hit. On the ride home, my dad and I were happy about how phenomenal my last game of high school was. The people from the University of Tennessee were there watching my game.  Later that night, my dad and I were watching our favorite team, The Red Sox, play in the World Series.

About a month after, I got a letter from the University of Tennessee. At last, I had got a scholarship to the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. I am 18 years old, and I will play college baseball for Tennessee! I am on my way to the baseball field, and Knoxville is looking better than it was when my sister, Mia, was here. I have just arrived at the field and it looks amazing! I’m walking onto the field remembering what it was like to play baseball at home all those years ago, and then I will live up to what I hoped to do all of these years. Today is the first game of the season for me, and I bat 7th in the lineup. On the field, I play third base, and it feels amazing to play for Tennessee.

The national anthem was now over and my team was batting first. The first batter hit a tank to the outfield for a double. Then with a blink of an eye, it was my time at-bat. The first two pitches were in the dirt, but the next one was right down the middle. The next pitch was off-speed, so I hit a line drive to leftfield. The next few innings were out after out with zero runs scored. It was the ninth inning and just like it was a year ago, the bases were loaded and I was up to bat. The first pitch came by and I hit a single with an RBI. The next batter was a fly-out, yet we still won the game. As college flew by, the team had lost one game and won more than I can count, but today’s game was really special. One of the scouts from The Boston Red Sox was at my game. The game flew by quickly and soon it was over. After the game, the scout walked up to me and gave me a contract to go play for the team! It was my senior year and I was going to sign a contract with The Boston Red Sox. I never had imagined playing in the MLB. 

In ten years I will be playing for the most legendary team in MLB history. I will be batting 2nd and play third base taking the spot that I have always dreamed of playing at Fenway Park. If you are wondering where I will be in ten years from now, just come to Fenway Park.