2nd Place Contest Winner – Karson Owen

Karson Owen

“WAKE UP PRINCESSES! “yelled out our drill sergeant. Today was the big day we were all being picked who goes to the military and who goes home. They started giving names. I was the last one on the list I was sent to Afghanistan I am excited but nervous.

I’ve just arrived and it is day 1. Everyone was doing rifle practice and drills. I feel like I did ok in boot camp well enough for them to pick me off for the army and the hardest drill was pepper spray to the eyes while running. So far being here is not so bad it might not fit most people’s lifestyles at all but not so bad.

I just woke up and It is day 2 of being in Afghanistan in the army. Today I am going to be on guard duty just for today though it switches every day from one person to another. and when I was eating lunch and then I saw something it was an injured man. We ran to him to the infirmary and he had broken both of his legs and sprained his wrist he said he fell off a watchtower when he hit the ground he had passed out.

I just ate lunch and it is now month 5. It’s been a while but it feels like home now but I do miss home-cooked meals but it’s not too long until I go back. Today I got to go find a missing rookie from the team and I got the rookie back to camp so apparently, he fell down into some sinking sand and got stuck but he’s safe now and he’s not hurt. We had a run-in with a pack of coyotes, and unfortunately, my best friend lost his life to those stupid coyotes.

I’m on the bus on my way home and it is now year 1. I miss my friend dearly, but that’s life though he was my only friend while I was in service. I’m almost home now, just 1 more hour until I get home and see my family again and my dog is with me. He gets to go to his new comfy home and see his new family too. I just got home and guess what there was a home-cooked meal waiting for me on the table nice and warm and I visited my family some, and I drove back home with my dog… no not just a dog the dog that saved hundreds of lives that one day his name is Max he really is a true hero.