Our School’s History


Vanessa Kirby

Macon County Junior High has been around for several years now. Many students have come and gone from this school, along with many teachers, vice principals, principals, and other faculty/staff members. Who knows, maybe even your parents came to this school. Here’s a little backstory of MCJH.

The Macon County Junior High was first built within the years of 1990-1991. MCJH wasn’t always a junior high. When it was first built it was the Macon County High School. The first class that graduated from this school was the class of 1992. The high school before that was what we now know as LES. Talk about a school being around for several years, LES has been around many years before that. Now that’s a long time!

The first principal of MCJH was Mrs. Carolyn O’Neal. The first vice principal was Mr. Mike Prock. Mike Prock is now the MCJH girls basketball team’s head coach.

It’s always good to know a little more about where things come from.