“The Mean Beauty Queen.”


Summer Alexander, Writer

It was just a normal Tuesday at school when I went to sit down at a lunch table to eat. As I began to sit down, a girl had prevented me from doing so.

“Sorry, you can’t sit there. That spot is for someone who deserves to sit with us. Not someone who is as ugly and dumb as you.” Isabella said.

“It really shouldn’t matter.” I said.

“Excuse you, it should matter, I and all of my friends sitting here at this table are either famous or gorgeous. And you are neither, so scram.” Isabella said.

“Okay, but I hope you’ll find out soon that you’re friends aren’t really friends, they are with you only for the crown.” I said.

“Excuse you again, they are real friends, and they are not with me for my crown. Even if they were, nobody could ever beat me for the top position in the beauty queen competition.” Isabella said.

“Alright, whatever you say.” I said, walking off.

I had nowhere else to sit, so I had just decided to go to the corner of the cafeteria and sit to eat on the floor.

“Hey, why are you on the floor? Come sit here, we’ll make room.” a girl said at the nearby table.

“Thank you.” I said.

So, for that day, I sat with the kind girl at lunch. But, as the lunch bell rang, we all had to return to class. As I was trying to throw away my tray from lunch, Isabella came up to me again.

“And for your information, I’d warn you to never talk back to me like that again.” Isabella said.

“Technically, it’s a free country, so I can say what I want.” I said.

“You heard me the first time, so you better listen.” Isabella said, walking off to class.

I then proceeded to throw away my tray from lunch.

~3:00 p.m.~

A couple hours passed, and it was then the end of the school day. Since my house wasn’t too far from the school building, I decided that I would just walk home like I have been in the past years.

“Really? You walk to and from school? That must be sad, you can’t even afford public transportation.” Isabella said, stopping me in the parking lot.

“You really think I care about having to take public transportation some times? Why would it matter how I get to and from school?” I asked.

“It matters because you are poor. Too poor to afford public transportation, to poor to afford a way home that isn’t walking.” Isabella said.

“Isabella, how dare you speak to that little girl like that!” a woman shouted from behind her.

“Mother, what on earth do you mean, I was just complimenting her on her bag.” Isabella said.

“I don’t believe you this time, Isabella. Little girl, would you mind telling me what actually happened to you?” the woman asked.

“Actually, what’s happening right now is what’s been going on for at least over a year. Isabella has been bullying and making fun of me for a lot of stuff. What food I eat, what clothes I wear every day, how I get to and from school, and some other things.” I said.

All of this was true, Isabella has been bullying and making fun of me for just about a year.

“Isabella, I am sick and tired of hearing stuff like this from people. Just because your parents are rich doesn’t mean you should get to act like a spoiled brat to everyone. And you should especially not be treating people like you have this little girl. Just because of this, you’re going to start doing things on your own. I’ll pay for your beauty pageant expenses, but that is it. From now on, until I say, you will have to start getting a job to pay for the extra stuff you want to buy. You’ll also have to start making your own food to bring to school for lunch. I’ll also no longer be coming to pick you up anymore, so you’ll have to take a bus or walk home. I hope you will learn your lesson soon enough Isabella.” Isabella’s mother said.

Isabella cried to her mother begging for her not to enforce a punishment.

“I’m sorry little girl, you’re going to be safe for now on, I won’t let my daughter bully you for any longer. I’m sorry for what she has done to you.” Isabella’s mother said.

Isabella’s mother then took Isabella to the car, spoke to her privately for a few moments, and then went home.

~The next day – Lunch~

It was the next day during lunch when I had gotten an invitation from Isabella to sit by her.

“Hey Amelia, is it cool if you sit with me?” Isabella asked.

“Sure, but why are you asking me to sit with you? Yesterday you all of much hated me.” I said.

“Look, I’m sorry for what I’ve done and said. I know I can’t take those things back, but at least I can say sorry. Now I can sort of understand how you felt when I had been making fun of you. The other beauty pageant girls won’t talk to me anymore, and neither will the other girls who sat with me at lunch before then.” Isabella said.

“It’s okay, I accept your apology. Just please promise me that you will realize what true damage you have done to myself, and others if you have done the same to other people.” I said.

“I will try my best to understand my mistakes and how greatly they have affected others.” Isabella said.

“Good. So, how did you do on that math test this morning?” I asked.

For the rest of the lunch period, Isabella and I spokeĀ  to each other. As the time passed by, we became best friends. Isabella’s past friends turned out to be fake, and never spoke to her again. And once the next series of beauty pageants started, Isabella got me into the competition. We competed together until we left and went off for college. Also before leaving for college, she managed to have helped me get a spot as one of the flyers on the cheer leading team. But, once we did leave for college, we could no longer compete together in beauty pageants. But, since we ended up getting accepted into the same college, we both joined the cheer leading team together and both competed together as a team in that. In the end, we remained best friends through everything.

~The End~

Hello dear reader, I hope you may have enjoyed this little inspirational story. Remember, it is never acceptable to make fun of or bully a person because of something that they cannot help in any way. It is also not acceptable to make fun of a person if they have so much less than you may. Moral of the story, be kind to everyone, no matter what. And to go with this little inspirational story, I have a quote for you guys. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” Did you happen to enjoy it, and did you think of it as inspiring? Tell me your thoughts below!